Root Canal Treatment – Oklahoma City, OK

Save Your Tooth & Stop Its Infection

Dental patient getting root canal treatment in Oklahoma City

Occasional tooth sensitivity is pretty normal. Most people have experienced it, and the sensation usually passes after a few moments. However, things change if a toothache becomes severe and persistent. In that case, it might be time to get root canal treatment in Oklahoma City or Yukon. This procedure relieves major dental pain, stops tooth infections, and saves distressed teeth! We’d be happy to tell you if you want to learn more. Just keep reading or contact our friendly First Impressions Dentistry team.

Why Choose First Impressions Dentistry for Root Canal Treatment?

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What Happens During a Root Canal?

Animated dental instrument cleaning inside of tooth during root canal treatment

A root canal is a multi-step procedure, so expect treatment to involve several specific actions. Firstly, our dentists will numb your tooth to prevent discomfort. They’ll then remove its infected pulp, disinfect the now-empty chamber, and fill the dental interior with a biocompatible substance. From there, our team will place a temporary filling to seal and protect the tooth. Once you’ve healed from the initial treatment, we’ll place a dental crown over your tooth to make it functional.