Gum Disease Treatment – Oklahoma City, OK

Help Your Gums Stay Pink & Healthy

Man pointing to his red gums before gum disease treatment in Oklahoma City

While vital, strong teeth aren’t the only part of good oral health. The gum tissue surrounding them also plays a big role. If you don’t maintain it, you’ll easily develop gum disease – a dental problem that can result in various oral and overall health complications. Still, we at First Impressions Dentistry can treat and manage this issue. All it takes is some of our effective gum disease treatment! If you’d like to learn more, just keep reading or contact us at our Oklahoma City or Yukon dental office for the details.

Why Choose First Impressions Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment?

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What Is Gum Disease?

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Put simply, gum disease is an infection of the gums that hold your teeth in place. It’s usually caused by poor oral hygiene that allows plaque to build up and harden.

When left unchecked, gum disease causes various challenges. These can start as minor symptoms like swollen, red, and bleeding gums. With time, though, the infection can spread to your jawbone and destroy its tissue. As a result, you can suffer from loose teeth or tooth loss.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

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Fortunately, gum disease is treatable if it’s caught early enough. Frequent teeth cleanings and solid oral hygiene can even reverse it. That said, your best bet is to visit our dental office for professional gum disease treatment.

If your gum infection worsens, we can treat it with scaling and root planing. This deep cleaning option removes plaque and tartar below the gumline. From there, your gums will suffer less inflammation as they heal and reattach to your smoothed tooth roots.