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Give Yourself a Gorgeous Grin!

Young woman getting dental veneers from cosmetic dentist in Oklahoma City

While crucial, healthy teeth and gums likely aren’t your only dental goals. Chances are you also want a bright, dazzling, and gorgeous grin. After all, such a beautiful smile can boost your confidence and impress others. We at First Impressions Dentistry can help with our cosmetic dentistry services in Oklahoma City. These procedures will make your teeth look Hollywood-ready in no time! As for the details about them, we’re happy to explain. Just keep reading or contact us to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Why Choose First Impressions Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Comprehensive Dental Services in One Location
  • Preview Results with Virtual Smile Design
  • CareCredit and SunBit Financing Available


Close up of row of dental veneers in front of smile

Dental veneers may be your ideal option if your teeth have many serious flaws. Dentists bond these thin, porcelain shells to the fronts of your pearly whites. Once placed, they obscure practically every tooth issue – discoloration, chips, cracks, and misalignments. Their porcelain surfaces further ensure that results are beautiful and lifelike, though placement will remove bits of your enamel. Still, veneers can last a decade or more with proper care.


Close up of Lumineer being placed over a tooth

For veneer work that doesn’t change your teeth, Lumineers are the perfect choice. They fit directly onto the front of teeth but are so thin and light that no enamel must be removed. This procedure is less drastic than traditional veneers, even as it delivers similar results. Many patients actually prefer it since Lumineers can be easily removed if necessary. That way, you can return to a natural smile if that’s your preference.

Direct Bonding

Dentist placing veneer over a tooth

Also known as cosmetic bonding, direct bonding uses tooth-colored resin to hide smile flaws. The dentist must only apply and sculpt the resin before hardening and polishing the results. From there, you can expect any slight chips, gaps, or stains to be covered. Since the procedure takes about an hour, you’ll also benefit from affordable, fast-acting effects that last several years. This fact makes direct bonding one of the most cost-effective choices for cosmetic dentistry treatment in Yukon.

Teeth Whitening

Man getting professional teeth whitening from cosmetic dentist

Teeth whitening is a procedure that directly whitens your enamel. It works by applying a bleaching gel that removes stains from tooth surfaces. You’re then left with a smile six to eight shades whiter than before! As for the method, our dental practice offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening. Our dentists do the former in a one-hour visit, while the latter involves custom trays for dramatic results at home.

Smile Makeovers

Young woman pointing to her smile

To put it simply, a smile makeover isn’t its own procedure. It’s instead a mix of two or more of our cosmetic dentistry services. Combining multiple procedures into one treatment allows for truly amazing results. A smile makeover is great for patients with several dental imperfections. These candidates can receive smiles they’re proud to show off, helping to raise their confidence.

Virtual Smile Design

Dentist with hologram of tooth in their hand

With all the possible cosmetic dentistry options, you may hesitate to commit to treatment. Luckily, we can ease your uncertainty with our virtual smile design software. This program shows us a rough idea of how a procedure’s results will look. In particular, it uses a photo of your teeth to simulate teeth whitening, veneer placement, and other services. You can even take the final image home to show friends and family if you’d like.